How the Fire Department Coffee Foundation Supports
Sick & Injured First Responders


There’s coffee that tastes amazing. And there’s coffee that makes you feel proud to drink it.
Fire Dept. Coffee has always strived to check both boxes.

The company was founded by a Navy veteran and a professional firefighter, who recruited his
fellow first responders to help get this dream off the ground. So the Fire Dept. Coffee team has
always held service and sacrifice near and dear to its heart.

The dream was to make great coffee for hardworking people — and to use Fire Dept. Coffee as
a way to do something bigger. The mission, from the very beginning, has been to support ill or
injured first responders in their time of need, whether their challenges are physical or mental.
Along the way, FDC has found new and creative ways to raise money and awareness, and to
do all it can to serve those first responders.

A Foundation Built on Giving Back

At the heart of these charitable efforts lies the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation. It was created as a
501(c)3 charity to serve as the cornerstone of FDC’s commitment to giving back. The
foundations primary mission is to coordinate and allocate funds to support like-minded
organizations and individuals in need.

Whether it is offering assistance to first responders grappling with physical injuries, mental
health challenges, or serious health issues, the Fire Dept. Coffee Foundation is dedicated to
providing them with the resources and support required to recover and thrive.

Along the way, the foundation has helped establish relationships with many incredible
organizations around the country who are doing amazing things to serve others.
Among those organizations are the Firefighter Cancer Support Network, the New Jersey
Firefighter Mutual Benevolent Association, Illinois Fire Service Institute, the Ultimate Sacrifice
Foundation, EMS FDNY Help Fund and more.

Raising Funds Through Coffee and Community
Fire Dept. Coffee has built an incredibly passionate and loyal base of supporters. The love of
coffee draws them in and keeps them coming back, but it’s the feeling of being part of a greater
community, a giving community, that elevates the experience for everyone involved.

Every time you sip on Fire Department Coffee, you’re directly supporting first responders and
firefighters. That’s given the company an incredible motivation to succeed and grow and
discover new avenues to make a greater impact on first responders dealing with major
challenges.And it’s not just the coffee that makes a difference.

Starting in July 2023, FDC will launch the Fire Department Shirt of the Month Club where you
can subscribe to get a new shirt each month. And each month, $5 from that membership
supports a new Fire Department that has been selected as that month’s beneficiary.

What all of this means is that Fire Department Coffee is much more than a coffee roaster. It’s an
incredible, growing community of people who love coffee, yes, but just as importantly, it’s a
community of people who genuinely care about those that help keep us safe.

When you build a community like that, the possibilities are endless. First responders do so
much for the people they serve. It’s an honor for the rest of us to come together and show our
support in the best way we can.