“Everyone associated with Tesla Science Center owes a tremendous debt of gratitude to the many, heroic first responders for their extraordinary courage and determination,” said Tesla Science Center Executive Director Marc Alessi. “We are immensely grateful for the commitment and bravery of our local firefighters.”

More than 100 firefighters, from the Rocky Point Fire Department and 16 other local fire departments and ambulance companies, responded to the November 21, 2023, blaze, which was fully extinguished by the next morning. The building, which was under renovation, suffered a partial collapse the night of the fire

Mr. Alessi expressed relief that the overall structural integrity of the building, dating back to 1901, seemed to have largely withstood the fire’s effects thanks to the fearless members of the fire service.

The extent of the damage is being assessed by (TSCW’s) site engineer, the laboratory’s historical architect, a structural engineering firm, and multiple local agencies. Their analysis will help determine the fire’s specific impact on restoration plans. Alessi went on to say, “On behalf of everyone we thank you for your quick response and bravery under difficult conditions.”

– Fire News photos by Terry McCarrick, Tom Lambui, and the Tesla Science Center  at  Wardenclyffe Laboratory