On January 4, 2024, Laurel, Blades, and Seaford Fire Departments along with Sussex County E.M.S. were alerted for a house fire on Cottage Circle, north of Laurel. The Laurel Camp is an area of small houses in very close proximity, and built over 125 years ago, used for religious camp meetings. Over the years, it has deteriorated and many of the homes in poor repair making it a severe hazard for fire. Laurel Fire Chief Jeff Hill responded as Command, headed to the scene and a glow from the sky could be seen miles away. Fire Chief Jason Hudson assumed Operations and began an attack from the “A” side of the fully involved house. An exposure of a second house presented itself with only couple of feet of separation. Deputy Chief Mike Lowe, advanced handlines to the “C” side of the structure and were able to prevent significant damage to the second structure. Water supply was limited due to access to the scene and narrow streets.

– Submitted by Michael Lowe