Just after 1600 on April 10, 2024, the Whitman (MA) Fire Department received a call reporting a child stuck in a chimney at a Harvard Street address; Ladder 246, C 3 and Ambulance 249 responded. Companies arrived to find a child stuck feet first into a chimney on the top of a two-story wood framed dwelling. A box was struck for manpower due to the complexity of the incident.

While the aerial was being put into place, firefighters raised ground and roof ladders to gain access to the child on the opposite side of the house. Firefighters met the child simultaneously at the chimney. Both firefighters were able to lift the child up and out of the chimney and put him on the tip of the aerial. Both firefighters then slowly brought the child down the ladder, eventually to the arms of his very anxious father.

The ambulance crew checked out the child, but transport was not required. The child was apparently home with his brother when he decided to climb out of a second-floor dormer window and onto the roof. He then scaled the steep pitched roof and hoisted himself up and into the chimney.

– Fire News photo by Pat Travers