On September 16, 2017, during the middle of the Fireman’s Convention, North Wildwood District 2 was dispatched to the Hereford Avenue seawall for a person who had fallen and was on the rocks below the wall. Quint 2 (in a reserve engine) and Ambulance 2 responded. Quint 2 requested Squad 2 from North Wildwood also responded. Upon arrival District 2 units had one subject off the seawall on the rocks near the water’s edge with a head injury. Quint 2 requested Quint 3 from District 3 to respond to use their aerial ladder for a rope rescue. A well-coordinated effort between Districts 2 and 3, Atlanticare Medics and North Wildwood Police affected the rescue. The party was packaged and transported to Cape Regional Medical Center.       

– Fire News photos by Mark Rosetti