Indianapolis Indiana:

Indianapolis Fire Department

Date: Thursday May 20, 2021

After a year of planning, the first phase of what will be a HazMat specific training quad was delivered today and placed on the grounds of #IFD Station 44, one of four IFD Hazardous Materials Tac Team houses.  Coordinated through the IFD Special Operations Division, specifically Lt. Scott Floyd, the first piece of the puzzle was the lift and delivery of a general service rail car from the Avon CSX rail yard. The 70,000 lb. tanker was donated by CSX to the IFD after it was marked out of service for use. In addition, CSX donated 2 trucks and axles on which the rail car sits – each weighing a little over 11,000 lbs.

In addition to our partners at CSX the installation of this first piece of the IFD HazMat training quad would not have been possible without the generous cooperation and efforts of the following:

Hulcher Services, who executed the lift and load at the Avon rail yard

Garners Towing who transported the rail car, trucks and axles from Avon to the east side where Station 44 is located at 7345 E 30th St. Garners, did the labor intensive installation of the equipment onto the rail tracks.

Indiana State Police for allowing the goods to travel on I465. Because of height limitations, rail cars of this size are typically transported by rail.

KY based railroad contractor Tram Construction for the rail tracks

West Side Tractor Sales Co. who cleared and leveled the ground at Station 44, for the gravel and tracks to be laid 3 weeks ago. West Side was also on hand today to and ensure there were no issues with ground clearance for the install.

Set on the east side of 44’s property, the 1st of its kind space in our area, is slated to be completely finished within 30-60 days and will include other props donated for IFD incumbent firefighters to train on. These props include the “top” of a 117 crude oil car and a 112 propane car, both also donated by CSX. Grady Brothers Asphalt Paving donated 3 fuel tanks and M &M Transport Services donated 4 Saddle Tanks. Other donated items include a Box Truck, an MC306 Gas Tank Truck, a Conex Box, Train Props and from Greenfield Fire Department, some addl. cool training props in addition to HazMat suits, boots, booms, pads and overpack barrels.

The cost of the project was covered in large part by generous donations of manpower, equipment and product to create the space. With the help of the Indy Public Safety Foundation #IFD was able to secure grant funding for the project as well. This space will allow firefighters, assigned to HazMat Stations to be trained and certified on specific job performance requirements relating to Hazardous Materials. As needed It can also be used in conjunction with the new IFD Training Facility at nearby 33rd and Post (construction in progress) for HazMat specific training.b In 2020 the IFD had 1139 responses on Hazardous Materials runs.

Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO