Harrisburg Box 1-4 sent Squad 8, Wagon 4, Tower 1, Truck 2, and Captain 3 (Saul) to the area of Howard and Crooked Streets, behind the quarters of Squad 8, for a house fire. Captain 3 arrived to a well involved, middle-of-the-row, house and requested the first alarm. Wagon 3, Truck 32, Rescue 69, Air 13, and Chief 1 made up the extra companies. The fire involved a 2-1/2 story, wood frame vacant dwelling that had extended into the exposures, some of which were occupied. Multiple lines were deployed and as conditions worsened the building was evacuated and units went in service with master streams from Truck 2, Tower 1 and Truck 32. A second alarm was struck bringing Engines 37-1, 301 and 68-1, and Trucks 34 and 2 to the scene. All searches of the dwellings proved negative. Companies operated for over an hour before the fire was declared under control.

– Fire News photos by Jason Coleman-Cobb