H2M architects + engineers (H2M) is excited to announce its partnership with Pacheco Ross Architects, P.C. (PRA) as of October 1, 2016.  Both firms are looking forward to bringing their individual expertise together to provide a high quality level of service to both their current and future clients. 

PRA brings a diversified national presence in the emergency response market to H2M’s distinct presence in several markets including Fire/EMS, Education, Energy, Industry, Insurance, Municipal, Public Agencies, Real Estate, Wastewater and Water, rounding out the two firm’s vast capabilities. With a clear strength in the emergency response market, Pacheco Ross will remain in Albany, NY and will be fully integrated with the H2M team, working on all types of design projects. 

Throughout the past 20 years PRA and H2M have built a strong relationship working together on several major projects.  While each firm is unique, a common thread that has brought them together is their respect, work ethic and professionalism when it comes to finding the best methods to serve their clients. 

H2M and PRA both approach their work with one common priority – their clients.  That value of putting their clients’ needs above all else is what brings H2M and PRA together in such a seamless fashion.  The two firms recognize that a successful project cannot be completed without proper communication, respect and integrity between themselves and their clients.  This synergy affirms the strategic business decision both firms have made to bring their relationship to the next level.

Rich Humann, P.E., President and CEO of H2M architects + engineers said, “It is a true honor to officially announce our partnership with Pacheco Ross.  As a nationally recognized firm, PRA’s expertise within the emergency response market will surely bring H2M’s service-line to the next level.  With similar values and attitudes towards the way we approach our work, PRA is both a cultural and professional fit and we are looking forward to what we will be able to achieve for our clients moving forward.”

David Pacheco, AIA, NCARB, co-owner of Pacheco Ross Architects, P.C. adds, “We’ve worked with H2M for many years and have always been impressed by their culture, professionalism, work product and attitude toward clients, particularly in its similarity to our approach.  While we were sometimes competitors, we were always colleagues and it was only logical to envision the great opportunities, future possibilities and benefits to our clients that a merging of these two great firms would enable.”

Dennis Ross, AIA, NCARB, co-owner of Pacheco Ross Architects, P.C. said, “While Pacheco Ross and H2M are both very excited about our merger and where this can go, the real excitement is for current and future clients because now we can offer a vast range of services to help our clients go in directions they never thought possible.”

Joseph M. Mottola, R.A., Senior Vice President, Director of Architecture, H2M architects + engineers stated, “After working with Dennis and David throughout the course of my career, I am excited about what we will be able to accomplish together.  With our clients at the forefront of everything we do, our level of knowledge, expertise and passion for the emergency response market will allow us to provide unmatched quality and service.”

(Left to right): Richard Humann, P.E., President and CEO, H2M

architects + engineers; Joseph M. Mottola, R.A., Senior Vice President, Director of Architecture, H2M architects + engineers; Dennis Ross, AIA, NCARB, Co-Owner, Pacheco Ross Architects P.C.; and David Pacheco, AIA, NCARB, Co-Owner, Pacheco Ross. Architects P.C.