Green Bay Metro Fire Department Receives AAA Grant; Aiding Response to Electric Vehicle Fires & Traffic Collisions


August 7th, 2023 – The Green Bay Metro Fire Department is undertaking an important initiative to ensure that they have the appropriate equipment to address the hazards associated with Electric Vehicle (EV) fires and EV vehicle collisions. New roadway safety equipment secured through a grant funded by the Auto Club Group Foundation includes 2 vehicle fire blankets, 2 electric vehicle plugs designed to shut off a vehicle involved in an accident, and traffic safety cones. This equipment was generously supplied by AAA at no cost to the city or residents which is a value savings of $15,250.00.

“Improving traffic safety in our communities is part of our DNA and that starts with first responders,” said Matt Nasworthy, Executive Director of the ACG Foundation. “We are extremely honored to help implement this new technology and provide another layer of protection for our roadside heroes.”

According to Fire Chief Knott, “The Green Bay Metro Fire Department is continuing to adapt our response plans to meet the hazards associated with emerging electric vehicle technology. As sales of electric and hybrid vehicles increase, the Fire Department is beginning to encounter more electric vehicles on our roadways and involved in our response to emergency scenes.”

This grant funded equipment will be critical in supporting the Fire Department’s response to EV related incidents within our community.

Credit: GBMFD