On February 2, 2017, Box 1-4 sent Squad 8, Wagon 4, Towers 1 and 2, and Captain 1 (Bradford) to Kittatinny Street in Harrisburg for a building fire. Police confirmed the fire with possibly one person trapped on the first floor. Squad 8 was met with visible fire from the first floor of a two-story brick, row apartment building. Captain 1 requested the first alarm en route, bringing Wagon 3, Rescue 69, and Air 13 to the scene. Rescue 44 was special called as RIT. One line was stretched, quickly knocking down the fire with no extension. Squad 8’s crew successfully rescued an occupant from the first floor. The person was transported to a medical facility with non-life threatening injuries.

– Fire News photos by Jason Coleman-Cobb and Shane Shifflett