On September 30, 2016, Nassau County FireCom alerted the Valley Stream Fire Department to reports of a truck fire in the parking lot of Toys ‘R Us on Sunrise Highway. Responding units were met with an intense fire involving two vehicles, a minibus and an 18-wheeler. The fire started in the unoccupied bus and extended to the tractor trailer parked next to it. Two men were sleeping in the trailer — which was carrying a full load of liquor — woke and made their escape. Several explosions were heard as the Valley Stream Fire Department attacked the blaze, allowing the alcohol to burn off as long as possible. The Nassau County Fire Marshals, along with Nassau County Police detectives are investigating after they found evidence that fire may not have been accidental. Nassau County Police reported that the bus was a getaway vehicle for a gunman who stole money and cigarettes from the Hewlett 7-Eleven on nearby Mill Road.                        

– Fire News photos by Larry Fox