Christiana Fire (3, 6 and 12) and mutual aid were dispatched to Musket Road in Birchwood Park for a residential structure fire. E12 and TW12 arrived and reported a single-story, single-family home with the attached garage and a large addition to the rear of the garage fully involved and extending to the main part of the structure. The Bravo wall of the D1 exposure was on fire and neighbors reported that a person was trapped in the D1 exposure. E12, with a crew of six, stretched a 1-3/4 inch handline to attack the main body of fire, while two crew members entered D1 and removed the elderly occupant who was not trapped, but was unaware of the extension. A second line was stretched to the exterior of D1. Battalion Chief 12 (Godek) arrived and transmitted a second alarm. SQ 23 arrived, secured E12’s hydrant and the crew stretched a third line. Engine 14 stretched a second supply line and then were assigned to deploy a 1-3/4 inch handline to the D1 exposure with L9 (second due Special Service) and Chief 23-8 (D1 exposure supervisor). There was no extension found to the interior of D1 and those companies were reassigned to assist in the original fire building. L28 was the RIT. Unit 21-6 and E8 crews were held in reserve and were eventually placed into service opening up and overhauling. Second alarm units were staged and when no extension to the interior of D1 was reported, they were released to fill regional cover assignments. Two firefighters were slightly injured. One was transported for a burn to the leg, and the other suffered a minor hand injury and declined treatment. Four handlines were in service and operated. TW12 crew located a dog on the primary search of the original fire building. The dog was removed and survived.
– Submitted by Dennis Godek