On June 11, 2022, at 8:44 p.m., the Aurora Fire Department received a call for a person in the Fox River. Upon
arrival, fire crews found the victim in the east channel, near the casino, yelling for help. Several bystanders in
the area saw the woman jump off a bridge and called 911. Aurora Central dispatched a Water Rescue Response
bringing the Water Rescue Team and 26 firefighters to the scene.
Firefighters from the first arriving Engine Company deployed a firefighter and were able to rescue the victim.
The victim was moved to a paramedic unit, treated, and transported to an area hospital in minor condition. The
victim told firefighters that there was another person in the river. The river was searched, and the casino
security cameras were checked. Bystanders in the area said they only saw the female, and the security footage
only showed the female entering the river. The person to who the victim was referring was located and safe.
They were not with her when she entered the water.

Credit: Aurora FD