Indianapolis, Indiana:

Indianapolis Fire Department

Monday May 15, 2023

Working Extrication with injury
10429 E Washington St
Dispatched 4:22 PM

Multiple calls to 911 reporting person trapped under bus
First Unit on scene – EG41 at 4:28 PM
EG41 confirms 1 adult female with leg trapped under right rear tire of IndyGo bus at 4:29 PM
Marked Working Extrication at 4:29 PM
Bus De-Energized at 4:50 PM
Patient Extricated at 4:56 PM
33 year old female patient, transported emergent to Eskenazi Hospital via IEMS Medic 2 at 5:01 PM

IMPD on Scene – Investigating
Incident Commander – Battalion Chief Chris Major
Command Terminated at 5:02 PM

IFD Firefighters extricated an adult female from under a tire, on an IndyGo Bus after witnesses say the woman fell while trying to run after the moving bus.  When she fell, she was in line with the vehicle tires which caught her leg and caused critical injury.


IndyGo personnel told firefighters that the woman was originally on another bus and being disruptive toward the other 7 passengers.  The driver, requested assistance through their dispatch, to remove the woman from the bus and also requested a 2nd IndyGo bus to finish transporting the 7 passengers.


The first bus pulled to the side on Washington St. and awaited assistance to remove the difficult female. As they waited, the other 7 passengers were moved to the 2nd bus.  The transfer went without issue and as the 2nd bus began to head west, the female bolted out of the first bus, ran into the street and tried to catch the 2nd bus.  She slipped and fell, trapping her leg under the right rear tire of the bus.  The IndyGo Bus driver stopped immediately.  The 911 response was activated.


When firefighters arrived, the woman was alert and talking.  Firefighters from EG41 established immediate medical care.   It took firefighters approximately 30 minutes from time of arrival to complete the extrication and removal of the patient for transport. Crews used a combination of cribbing and airbags to stabilize and lift the bus.

Not surprisingly, the IndyGo bus drivers involved, were shaken by the turn of events.  In their efforts to eliminate a disruptive environment for their passengers, within company protocols, they unexpectedly found themselves witness to a tragic mistake within a matter of minutes.



Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO