Retired New Orleans EMS Chief Ken Bouvier to Headline Annual Program on Long Island

The Firefighters Association of the State of New York (FASNY) is bringing its annual EMS Conference to Selden on Saturday, January 24, 2024. The one-day event, which has been on Long Island for two decades, is packed with presentations addressing the most contemporary and critical topics in the EMS. These invaluable sessions are complemented by a Pre-Conference Workshop eligible for Core CME credit hours in toxicology, cardiology, respiratory, psychiatric and EMS operations, among others. The seminar will also include a “State of the State of EMS” presentation by the State Department of Health.

This year’s FASNY EMS Conference features Chief Ken Bouvier, who is beginning his 49th year as an EMS provider. Chief Bouvier has worked as a career and volunteer paramedic, fire fighter and Chief officer. Following a career in fire and life safety at Monsanto, Ken was appointed Deputy Chief of Operations for New Orleans EMS in 2012, serving as EMS Commander of multiple large and complex incidents. Just prior to his retirement in 2019, he was prominently featured in the A&E real-life action series “Nightwatch.” chronicling the work of New Orleans EMS.

Ken will be presenting “Managing School Bus Accidents” and “Understanding Firefighter Injuries” – two important topics for EMS providers on Long Island.

With an average of 480,000 yellow school buses transporting 25 million students to and from schools across the United States, school bus accidents happen far more frequently than we realize. These incidents require an understanding of school bus design and safety features. They produce a range of traumatic injuries and come with the additional challenges of managing young patients, patient tracking and dealing with school officials and parents. Chief Bouvier’s session will prepare you for school bus accidents in your community.

With about 16,000 volunteer firefighters serving in fire departments across Long Island, local EMS providers are often called to fire and other emergency scenes to not only treat civilian victims, but also to standby to provide pre-hospital care and transportation for firefighters injured at the scene. Chief Bouvier will review the most common types of firefighter injuries, including how and why they occur. He will also review the role of EMS crews in anticipating and when possible, preventing firefighter injuries or medical emergencies on the fireground.

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