Ex-Chief Adrian Birdsall served on the West Milford Fire Department for 50-plus years. Adrian was a past Chief and held various ranks in the association. He also was a borough employee and several years before his retirement from the department of public works, he was made superintendent of the Department of Public Works for the Township of West Milford.

Some of the greatest memories of Adrian were after every call, he would hang up his gear, walk back to everyone and pull a black comb out of his wallet and comb his hair. Adrian also told us a story about when he was younger and first joined the fire department, he kept his bicycle out on the side porch of his parents’ house and when he would hear there was a fire call, he would get on his bike and ride to the fire house. One day his mother locked the screen door to the porch and Adrian drove his bike through the door.

Adrian was loved by everybody in both the fire department and ambulance corp.

Hero’s get remembered but legends never die.

– Fire News photos by Chris ‘Doc’ Denton