IamResponding today announced a strategic partnership with ESO, a leading data and software company serving fire departments, EMS, hospitals and state and federal agencies.

IamResponding, a RapidSOS solution, and ESO combine the strengths of the premier incident alerting and situational awareness communication platform with the industry-leading records management system.

This partnership focuses on making a real impact where it counts the most, reshaping the dynamics of emergency response. The two companies’ collaboration marks a pivotal moment in emergency services, introducing enhanced incident data capabilities that empower first responders to make better-informed decisions swiftly and efficiently.

Customers can expect exciting enhancements to IamResponding and ESO’s offerings:

  • Real-Time Insights for Rapid Response: With rich incident data from IamResponding including actual 911 caller location, health profiles, vehicle telematics, alarm information and more from over 500M connected devices and ESO’s extensive repository of critical information – including property details, occupancy status, pre-plans, hydrant locations and inspection records – responders get a clear view of the situation fast. This means quicker, more informed decisions that can save time and lives. The comprehensive dataset enables a more informed emergency response and assists mutual aid agencies, improving coordination and effectiveness across jurisdictions.
  • Streamlined Incident Management and Permitting Processes: By leveraging the IamResponding community portal and ESO Properties, Inspections and Permits modules, first responders can streamline operations and easily stay compliant. This integration empowers users to easily tap into a vast network of resources and expertise for smoother workflows.
  • Closed Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement: The collaboration goes beyond initial response efforts, as incident response data from IamResponding will be seamlessly delivered back into the ESO platform. This closed-loop system ensures that every incident contributes to refining future responses, enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Comprehensive Solutions for Empowered Response: Together, ESO and IamResponding offer a robust toolkit for emergency response and department operations. From mobile dispatch alerts and real-time tracking to logistics management and fire-incident reporting, responders can access industry-leading tools that streamline operations and elevate performance. When paired, the two technologies offer unparalleled reporting and data insights, comprehensive fire records management, seamless compliance for national and state-level requirements, real-time caller locations and apparatus tracking, interactive mapping and more for first responders.

“We are excited about the opportunities this partnership presents to our customers and the first responder community at large,” said Eric Beck, President and CEO of ESO. “IamResponding is an innovative solution for our customers looking for real-time critical incident information, and further enhances their ability to improve community health and safety through the power of data.” “This partnership with ESO marks an exciting milestone in our journey, but it’s just the beginning,” said Daniel Seidberg, President of IamResponding. “Together, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation in emergency response technology, ensuring that first responders have the tools and enhanced emergency data they need for situational awarenessin an ever-evolving emergency response landscape.” The collaboration taps into combined decades of industry experience and cutting-edge technology. Today, IamResponding and ESO will focus on their core strengths while leveraging each other’s expertise to enhance technology features and make data even more actionable for improved patient outcomes. Both companies are committed to ensuring seamless integration and delivering unmatched value to their shared customer base.