On February 5, 2024, at 0330, the East Brentwood Fire Department Unit 3-3-7 was struck by an impaired driver while responding to an alarm. The crash caused the ambulance to roll onto its side as the other vehicle had struck the rear side of the unit. The two crew members were able to communicate with Brentwood Dispatch and relay their location, which was Ralph Avenue and Fulton Street. They were transported by East Brentwood’s other ambulance, Unit 3-3-8, and were taken to Stony Brook University Hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The Smithtown Fire Department was mutual aided for an additional ambulance to transport the two occupants of the car to South Shore University Hospital. East Brentwood Chief Frank Vasquez and Commissioner Tate Reilly coordinated removal of the rig. The SCPD ES unit was able to right the ambulance for towing.

– Fire News photo by Ken Bradbury