Lancaster Township Volunteers began their 4th of July holiday by extricating the driver of an SUV after a two-SUV collision in the 1700 block of Wabank Road in Lancaster Township. After the collision, one SUV  flipped onto its passenger side and was stopped by the cement curbing from traveling down the embankment. The driver was suspended in the driver’s seat by the seatbelt. During the rescue process, the driver was covered with sheets to shield from flying debris. Rescue struts and wood cribbing were deployed to stabilize the vehicle during the extrication process. Firefighters removed the windshield, cut the roof pillars with their pre-connected Amkus hydraulic rescue tools, and folded down the roof, enabling access to the patient. A backboard was placed under the patient, and the seatbelt was cut.

– Fire News photo by Capt. Greg Leaman, Lancaster Township FD