Indianapolis Fire Department  


Date: Saturday July 25, 2020

After a 2 hour pre-planned top water, boat training exercise, on Geist Reservoir this afternoon,  IFD Tactical Team 7 was back at the dock, putting their boats on the trailer, when officers from the Indiana Department of Natural Resources (DNR) approached them and asked for assistance.  A female boater (40’s), was enjoying the day on her family’s anchored, pontoon boat, when she accidentally lost her titanium/carbon fiber leg, valued at $20,000 in an area of Geist known as “Family Cove.”

Without hesitation, the crew gathered their dive equipment from the Rescue truck and hopped into DNR’s boat.  With help from the owner of the leg, the crew was able to assess a general “last known location” and begin the search.  The IFD dive team and tenders conducted a boat based dive and when subsurface, utilized a sweep pattern.  Each of the 3 divers spent about 20 minutes, in zero visibility, attempting to locate the lost leg.  They were successful in locating sunglasses, an anchor and multiple beer bottles,  which in zero visibility felt like it could be the leg – to no avail.  After an hour, the divers and DNR were about ready to call off the search.  However, on the final pass for the 3rd diver, the leg was located 20 feet down, about 100 yards off shore.

All smiles for both the firefighters, DNR officers and the very grateful family, who despite the potential loss of a very valuable item, maintained a sense of humor and were extremely helpful by staying on scene and near the last known location.

-Submitted by Rita Reith