Medical Services Association

In September, the DSEMSA held their annual Awards and Installation Banquet at the Dover Downs Rollins Center in Dover, with approximately 130 guests, members and past presidents of the DSEMSA in attendance. This year’s awards were presented to the following:

Robert W Jones EMS Instructor Award for 2017

This award was named after Robert W Jones who had taught numerous years at the DSFS mostly as an EMS instructor and helped launched many into their EMS careers. It was presented by Mrs. Karen Jones and Robert Newman, DSFS Director.

This year’s award was presented to Kristen Gajdos. Kristen was recognized for her outstanding efforts as an EMS instructor for the Polytech HS in Woodside. She went above and beyond what the average EMS Instructors normally do in providing education for our future pre-hospital providers. She provided addition training by helping her students learn skills mostly on her own time.

Stephanie Calloway Excellence in Paramedicine Award for 2017

Paramedic Stephanie Callaway, was a five-year veteran with Sussex County EMS, and left us as the result of an ambulance collision on June 17, 2008. Paramedic Callaway will always be remembered by her

co-workers for her wonderful smile, passion for education, and commitment to community service. The award was presented by DSEMSA Vice President Amy Yonko and Sussex County EMS Director Robert Stuart.

This year’s award was presented to Lt Michael Nichols. Lt Nichols was recognized for his 20-plus years as a paramedic with the NC County EMS, as well as a SWAT Medic in Delaware. His training and leadership roles were utilized when involved in an actual hostage rescue situation at the DOC back in 2005. His intervention saved a counselor who was taken hostage. 

Philip S Young EMS Lifetime Achievement Award for 2017

This annual award was named after DSFS Senior Instructor Phillip S Young, who was one the earliest EMS instructors and was also known as ‘Uncle Phil’ to many. It was presented by DSEMSA Treasurer PJ Gosch, Dr. Pat Matthews and DSFP Commissioner Dave Roberts.

This year’s award was presented to Jill Brittingham. Jill was recognized for continuous devotion in leadership as President of the Sussex County Ambulance Association for many years, as well as her many years as an EMT for the Dagsboro VFC Station 73 community.

Excellence in Police Emergency Medicine Award for 2017

This award is to recognize our friends in blue, who are often at the scene prior to EMS arrival. It was presented by DSEMSA Vice-President Jason Capps.

This year’s award was presented to: SPO Karol Ann Shyers and SPO Brian Payton. Both officers were recognized for their heroic interventions in providing CPR for an unresponsive subject in the greater Felton area while responding to a routine home visit. They were flagged down while in their vehicle by local neighborhood children that needed help and responded accordingly and saved a life.

Also, special recognition of Dr. Walter Stoy, with a DSEMSA Resolution, was made for honorary membership. This recognition goes toward those who have significantly impacted Emergency Medical Services here in Delaware. There are a growing number of providers who have experienced Dr. Stoy’s training or have been in national

committees across our state. Your impact on these leaders is profound and has significantly contributed to the education, operations and direction of our EMS system

The annual installation of the NEW DSEMSA 2017-2018 Officers were installed by past DSEMSA President Keith Bowman and were as follows:

President Amy Yonko, 1st Vice-President Jason Capps, 2nd Vice-President Gerald Strother, Treasurer Naomi PJ Gosch, Secretary W. Mike McMichael. past-President Director Matt Gajdos.

Past-President Matt Gajdos provided a brief recap of the past year’s accomplishments as a lot had happen that involved EMS in Delaware. Included were EMS Safety, Narcan, Epi-Pens, BLS Protocols revisions and staffing issues.

A brief exchanged of small gifts to each of the DSEMSA officers by past-President Gajdos as well as the presentation of a DSEMSA past-President’s jacket. Past-President Gajdos then handed over the President’s gavel to new President Amy Yonko.

President Amy Yonko then provided a brief message about pending plans to keep improving EMS in Delaware.

– Submitted by W. Mike McMichael, DSEMSA Secretary