Arora, Illinois:



On June 3, 2022, at 9:17 a.m., the Aurora Fire Department responded to Aurora Water Treatment Plant
located at 1111 Aurora Avenue for a Level 1 Hazardous Material incident for ammonia leaking from a
tank. Upon arrival, firefighters found a high-pressure leak coming out of a 1000-gallon tank that
contained ammonia. A manager for the water treatment plant stated they were working on the tank
when the leak occurred. The incident was upgraded to a Level 2 Hazardous Material incident bringing
the Aurora Fire Department Hazardous Materials Team and specialized equipment to the scene.


An Engine Company deployed hose lines to help dissipate the vapor until the leak could be stopped. A
water treatment plant manager advised that the leak could be stopped by turning a valve off, which was
located on the top of the tank where the leak was. Upon the arrival of the Hazardous Materials Team,
they put on specialized suits and approached the tank, and were able to close the valve stopping the


The manager estimated that approximately 170 gallons of ammonia leaked from the tank. The incident
lasted 45 minutes, and there were no injuries to firefighters or civilians. At no time did the leak present
any health hazards to the public.

Credit: Arora FD