Scottsdale, Arizona

September 5, 2022


Scottsdale Fire, with Daisy Mountain, Phoenix Fire and MCSO, responded today to 6 hikers suffering from heat emergencies. One hiker in his 20s was a full code. All were removed from the trails using the MSCO helicopter and transported.

The hikers ran out of water and had gotten lost on the trails.

It is important to plan your hike, hike the plan, bring plenty of water, and know how to identify heat exhaustion.

What are Heat Emergencies?


Heat Cramps = Profuse sweating, Fatigue, Extreme thirst, Muscle cramps

Heat Exhaustion = Headache, Dizziness, Weakness, Nausea/vomit, Cool/moist skin

Heat Stroke = Elevated temp. +103degrees, Confusion/Irrational behavior, dry/hot skin, Rapid shallow breathing, Rapid weak pulse (Shock), Seizures, Unconscious

What to do

  • Get person into shade or cool location
  • Cool person with cool, wet cloths (neck, groin, armpits, head) and fan body
  • Sip cool water if person is alert
  • For muscle cramps, massage muscles gently, but firmly until relaxed
  • *If symptoms worsen, call 911


What NOT to do

  • Do not give anything by mouth if person is vomiting, unable to swallow or unconscious
  • Do not underestimate the seriousness of a heat emergency

Prevention/Preparation for hike/exercise in heat

  • Know your limitations
  • Hydrate (begins day prior to hike/exercise, hour before hike, during and after)
  • Wear proper clothing, lightweight and light color, protect head, proper shoes
  • Always carry a cell phone and best to hike with company
  • Always tell someone where you are hiking and when to plan to return

Credit: Scottsdale FD