Indianapolis, Indiana:

Indianapolis Fire Department

Sunday October 9, 2022

Working Technical Rescue

22nd and N Meridian St
Dispatched at 2:31 PM
2 Trapped persons inside structure
First Unit on scene – EG05 at 2:36 PM
Two Story Structure Ordinary Construction
11 IFD Units Dispatched
IEMS on Scene
IMPD on Scene
Utilities Secured
EG05 confirmed two people trapped at 2:38 PM
Forcible entry required to enter structure at 2:39 PM
First victim – 15 year old female – rescued at 2:57 PM
Second victim – 18 year old male – rescued at 3:01 PM
Incident Commander – Battalion Chief Scott Olofson

Two adult males, both age 18 and a 15 year old female found themselves calling 911 for help after their “exploration” day ended in two of them trapped in the basement of a building at 22nd and Meridian. The two males, from Fishers and the female, from Indy, told firefighters, they were out and about, exploring old buildings. Within minutes of entering this one, the stairs to the basement collapsed, sending one male and the female down about 10 feet. The other male was not on the stairs when they collapsed. With no way out and one with a possible ankle injury, the two called 911 and asked for help. Upon arrival, IFD Station 5 located the two individuals and determined the course of action they may have to take. IFD Tac 14 arrived on scene. Deploying a ground ladder to reach the basement – firefighters were then able to assist the explorers up without incident. The male was checked and treated at the scene but declined to go by ambulance to the hospital. He told medics he would go on his own. The female was checked at the scene and released ok, via a phone call by IEMS to her parents.

The building was found to have significant interior structural integrity issues with doors opened by vandals, previous fires, collapsed floors and a spongy roof. IFD requested that Building and Neighborhood services re-inspect the structure, along with a hazard file placed in the CAD for future dispatches to the building.

Credit: Rita L Reith, MPIO