On January 24, 2018, Community Ambulance Company EMT Gigi Mussi was off duty and driving in her personal vehicle on Sunrise Highway in Bohemia. After approaching an intersection, she noticed a vehicle in the turning lane that was not moving. She quickly pulled over and approached the vehicle to find an unresponsive man slumped over the wheel. Gigi began basic life support interventions and phoned directly to the Community Ambulance Company dispatcher for an ambulance. She controlled the patient’s airway and began care until additional help arrived.

Upon arrival, Paramedic Ken Newman determined that the patient was in unstable condition, suffering from a critical cardiac emergency. He and other members of the crew quickly transferred the patient to the ambulance, where advance care continued. The crew transported the man to Brookhaven Memorial Hospital, where he was rushed to the cardiac catheterization lab and received two stents. After only four days, the patient was discharged, and made a full recovery.

Due to the rapid response, and superior skill of the members of Community Ambulance Company, this man has a second chance at life. In addition, had provider Gigi Mussi not stopped to see if something was wrong on the highway, this situation could have had a much different outcome. It also demonstrates that no matter the day, no matter the time, on duty or off, Community Ambulance Company answers the call of duty. The crew consisted of EMT Gigi Mussi, Paramedic Ken Newman, EMT-CC James MacDonell, EMT-CC Stephanie Golub, EMT Kimberly McCann, EMT Michael P. Kennedy, Driver Rupert Christensen, and Probationary Member Robert DiNucci.

Two weeks later, the man, Bill Doon, came to Community Ambulance Company headquarters to thank the heroes that responded. He brought his wife Terri, as well as their young grandchild to meet the people that gave Bill his second chance at life.        

– Fire News photo provided