On December 25, 2017, the Memorial Fire Department was dispatched to multiple houses on fire. Crews arrived to two houses fully involved, two garages on fire and three 200-pound propane tanks on fire. Chief Terry Jester assumed command. The garages were put on hold due to live electric lines hanging and arcing from both. Firefighters protected the houses on both sides and cooled the propane tanks to allow the relief valves to close. Milton Assistant Chief Johnnie Hopkins assumed water supply officer. Memorial Deputy Chief Dan Walls set up a draft in a creek just west of the beach. Five brush trucks tended to the fires on the beach that were being wind driven. Memorial Assistant Chief Britt Deese oversaw operations on the two burning houses, while Carlisle Assistant Chief Shawn Hinton and Lewes Senior Firefighter Christopher Colpo lead crews to save a home to the north. Thanks to all of the over-20 departments assisting or standing by, which spent Christmas night away from their families.

– Submitted by Terry Jester, photos by Chuck Snyder and Jeff Davidson