Charlotte Fire Division Chief retired after stellar career on Friday, January 26, 2024, Charlotte Fire Department C Shift Division Chief Kelvin Brim rode his final shift after 25 years of dedicated service to the CFD and the citizens of Charlotte. In 1993 when Chief Brim was in high school he felt his calling and knew he wanted to become a firefighter. While living in Los Angeles, California in 1993, Kelvin took the LAFD exam with thousands of other applicants and passed, but wasn’t selected in the end. Fast forward to 1998, Brim and his family moved to Charlotte where he began his career in the Charlotte Fire Department on May 27, 1998. Chief Brim rose through the ranks starting in CFD Engines Companies like Engine 11, Engine 32 & Engine 4 just to name a few. In 2020, he was promoted to Battalion Chief and served as Battalion 2.

Chief Brim has his heart in serving the community and his commitment didn’t stop there. Brim was promoted to Recruitment Chief and helped form the Charlotte Fire Department Citizens Fire Academy which held its inaugural class in 2018. Fire News photographer Andrew Tetreault had the pleasure of being a member of the inaugural Citizens Fire Academy and got to know Chief Brim throughout his experience. As Division Chief on C-Shift, Chief Brim oversaw all firefighters on C-Shift in the Charlotte Fire Department.

Firefighters from across the city attended a retirement ceremony at Fire Station 1 during his last shift. Brim was surrounded by co-workers and family including his son Brian, who is also a Charlotte Firefighter. Chief of Department. Reginald Johnson presented Chief Kelvin Brim with a plaque of appreciation for his years of dedicated service. Congratulations Chief Brim on an amazing career. You will be missed on the fireground. Enjoy your retirement.

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