In the month of May, the Charleston Fire Department conducted live fire training sessions for every station within the department, at the CFD training tower. This training is of paramount importance as it provides our firefighters with real-world experience in managing and extinguishing various types of fires. By simulating actual fire scenarios, we ensure that our personnel are well-prepared and equipped with the critical knowledge and skills needed to respond effectively to emergencies. The hands-on experience gained during these sessions enhances our teams’ proficiency and confidence, ultimately leading to improved safety for both our firefighters and the community they serve. Live fire training is a vital component of our continuous effort to maintain the highest standards of firefighting excellence here at the CFD. We are proud to share some photos showcasing our stations actively engaged in this essential training. These images highlight the dedication and commitment of our firefighters as they hone their skills to better protect and serve the Charleston community.

– Submitted by Macy Morehart