Well, some good news for New Castle County, Delaware. GWFC, Station 18, New Castle Engine 18-4 has returned to Delaware. I was looking at some FB posts and saw one about a 1964 Mack belonging to Goodwill FC (GWFC) that was purchased by a young gentleman from Volunteer Hose of Middletown, by the name of Kyle Kokoszka, a 16-year member of the VHFC.

Engine 18-4 was in service with the GWFC from 1964-1996 and was a work horse. In speaking with past Chief Dave Majewski, Sr., this engine was on the scene of the Amoco Refinery blaze on October 20, 1980 and did a great job. This fire required most all of New Castle County stations plus several from Maryland. Earlier in 1980 it was the workhorse for the Episcopal Church fire in Old New Castle.

I contacted Kyle and got a lot of information on the then 18-4 and was able to add some of the history that I knew. In 1996 the Mack was sold to the Summerville (AL) FD and remained with them until 2005. From 2005-2007 James Vogel from Florida owned 18-4 for his pleasure and as a hobby. In 2007 Mr. Jim Briggs, past President of the Florida Antique Bucket Brigade purchased this rig for his collection and took it to many shows. When I first saw this rig at a muster we had, I saw the mural of the Delaware Memorial Bridge on the cab doors and all the brass fittings. I told him I thought the rig was from New Castle, and he gave me some of the history on how he obtained it.

Jim owned and proudly displayed this rig at many shows in Florida. Jim was reducing his collection and sold it to Mr. Ted Stiger, a contractor in Florida in 2017. Mr. Stiger put this rig on the market in early 2023 and that is when Kyle was able to purchase the old girl.

Past Chief Majewski, Sr., related a little of the history on 18-4 to include a body refurbishment with higher compartments and safety features in 83-84. He also stated that it was involved in three major collisions. This shows you that those Macks were tough back then.

Past Chief Grover Ingle, Sr. ,was the person who purchased this rig. His son Grover Ingle went on to serve as Chief of GWFC also.

David, Sr. related a story to me that he had taken his son David to the Lancaster County Fire Expo at Dutch Wonderland (some of you older guys would remember that show) when David was about eight or nine years old.

Kyle is very delighted to have this rig and will hopefully be taking it to some shows and parades in the Tri-State area. He was able to take it the DAFAA show in Sudlersville, Maryland, in October and I am sure that it will be around to many other shows. Kyle, thanks for saving a piece of Delaware’s fire service history.

– Submitted by Bob Romig