On February 3, 2018, Box 2-08 toned for a residential structure fire on Barnett Drive in the Cove section of Penn Township. Engines 2 and 6, Rescue 2, Squad 20, Truck 2, and Tankers 2, 6 and 9 made up the initial assignment. Chief 2-3 requested Engine 9, Rescue 37, Tanker 37, and Air 13 to the scene. Duncannon Squad 2 dropped a supply line at the end of a long driveway to set up for portable pond operations. Two lines were stretched from Squad 2 as heavy fire issued from a single-story (two stories in the rear), wood frame, single-family dwelling. Companies were also advised of ammunition going off on the A/B side. Chief 2-1 arrived and assumed command and ordered all companies out of the structure for defensive operations. Four additional tankers were requested to the scene (Tankers 29, 17, 8 and 12). Numerous handlines and an aerial stream from Truck 2 poured water on the stubborn blaze for over an hour before knocking down the bulk of the fire.

– Fire News photo by Jason Coleman-Cobb