Together with Amkus we are proud to announce Coastal Fire Systems is your Exclusive Sales and Service Center for both Hydraulic, and Battery Operated AMKUS Rescue Tools. Some of the features we appreciate from this series: The all metal housing offering maximum durability, The lit-up rotating handle offering ease of operation with a clear view, The compact size. And our Absolute Favorite feature, THE DEWALT FLEXVOLT BATTERY PLATFORM! The DEWALT FLEXVOLT Platform is the only battery that automatically changes voltage when you change tools. You can share your 60V Dewalt Batteries between your ION 2.0 Series Tools and your 20V Dewalt Tools. If Speed, Strength and Adaptability are important to you, contact Coastal. If Versatility and Ease of Operation are important to you, contact Coastal. If simply trusting your service center to maintain the quality of your equipment properly is important to you; contact Coastal. Schedule a demo with your friendly Coastal Rep; our place or yours. Sales@coastalfiresystems.coM