Manchester (NH) Fire and AMR ambulances responded to Beech Hill Drive, an apartment complex in Manchester, for a woman trapped inside a garbage truck compactor. The area has several apartment buildings with dumpsters, and the truck driver noticed a woman inside the compactor portion of the truck via a camera that shows the interior. The woman who was seriously injured appeared to have been dumped into the truck from a dumpster at a previous stop. The driver of the truck immediately called 911 summoning help to the scene. Manchester Fire brought additional apparatus to set up a “technical rescue” using Rescue 1, Truck 7 and several specially trained firefighters. The woman who could be heard screaming from inside the truck was reached by firefighters who worked to secure her into a Stoke’s basket. After an extended time the woman was hoisted up using rigging attached to the ladder truck bucket. AMR medics, waiting for the woman to be removed, prepared a stretcher, warm blankets and medical equipment. When the woman was removed she was rushed to the Elliot Hospital. Chief Ryan Cashin described the injuries as serious but she was expected to survive. The driver of the truck said if he had not seen her on the camera the truck would have been compacted several times as the dumpsters in the area were emptied.

– Fire News photo by Jeffrey Hastings