On June 25, 2015, Webster firefighters responded to an alarm for smoke coming from the rear of the Anglo Fabrics mill complex on North Street. A second alarm was struck en route. First-due Engine 1, under the command of Assistant Chief Chris Jold, immediately went to work on the heavy volume of fire in the three-story wooden structure. The fire was also threatening several other buildings.  Additional alarms were struck as the fast moving fire rapidly overtook three buildings.  Several Connecticut fire companies also responded to assist in establishing an adequate water supply, drafting at a nearby river, and augmented the water being supplied by the town’s hydrant system. The long and arduous fight lasted some 12 hours before the fire could be considered under control. At the height of the fire, there were some 200 firefighters from across Central Massachusetts and Northeastern Connecticut battling the flames. Flying firebrands from the mill ignited several roofs in the area, but firefighters quickly extinguished those fires. At one point, a structural task force from the Department of Fire Services was activated, sending much needed resources to the scene. Four firefighters were injured and transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

– Fire News photos by Alan Brackett and Ken LaBelle