On February 1, 2017, the Passaic Fire Department responded to Harrison Street for a reported fire. On arrival, Battalion Chief Chris Szczygiel called for a second alarm. As occupants were being removed, interior crews reported high heat, zero visibility and an inability to find the seat of the fire in the basement due to it being divided into numerous rooms. Fire was also visible on the first floor extending into exposure B. A third alarm was requested, with an urgent request for PSE&G, due to live wires coming down and forcing L-2 to be quickly relocated. At this point command reported two 2-1/2 story frames heavily involved. All members were evacuated from both buildings as fire was located on all floors of the original, and heavy fire was on the second floor and through the roof of exposure B. A ladder pipe, deck gun, two blitzfires and numerous handlines were put into operation. Lines were stretched into exposure D and companies were successful in keeping the fire from extending despite a two-foot separation. A fourth alarm was called and a request was made for the water department to boost pressure in the area. Both buildings were destroyed, leaving 20 people displaced and one resident injured.

– Fire News photos by Peter Danzo