On July 22, 2016, in 100-degree heat and high humidity, Poughkeepsie, Arlington and Fairview firefighters, along with City of Poughkeepsie Police and Mobile Life Support operated at a structure fire with reported occupants trapped on Lexington Avenue. Poughkeepsie Engine 2’s crew, who were returning from an EMS call, arrived on the scene to heavy fire coming from the rear of a 2-1/2 story, four-occupancy structure. They were greeted by an out of breath adult male who said he was sure there were occupants still trapped in the structure. Firefighters entered the building trying to locate the trapped occupants but found none. As other crews went to the rear, they discovered two persons who had jumped from the second floor. Both received critical burns and were quickly transported to MHR for treatment and subsequently to a burn unit.

– Fire News photos by Bill Johnson