As firefighters were finishing an extrication on the Black Horse Pike and Tower Avenue, they were alerted by police of another crash on Delilah Road and Elmwood Avenue. Cardiff Engine 1512 and Assistant Chief William Danz III responded to the head-on crash with multiple entrapments in both vehicles. A/C Danz immediately requested assistance from Farmington and the Atlantic City Airport Fire Department for additional extrication tools. Bargaintown Engine 1522, responding to the LZ for the Black Horse Pike assignment, diverted to the Delilah Road with their extrication tools. Adding to this incident and the quick arrival of EMS, multiple medevacs were requested and it was decided to land them at the already established LZ at the shopping center as it was in close proximity of the second crash. The first vehicle contained three occupants — two front seat passengers and a rear seat passenger who later succumbed to injuries suffered. The front seat passengers were the most difficult to extricate. The second vehicle contained one passenger and required door and roof removal. One person was flown to the trauma center and the rest were transported by EMS by ground. A side note for the incidents; EHT EMS Chief William Higbee declared an EMS emergency and had an EMS Strike Team assembled to cover.    

– Fire News photos by Ken Badger