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Campbell Supply

Monday, October 30th, 2017, 7:59 pm

A Journey of Excellence

Campbell Supply’s journey to New Jersey’s biggest fire truck dealership started in the attic of Woody Campbell’s (top, left) house in Edison in 1967. Since then it has grown to the 16-acre, 90,000-square-foot facility of 36 shop bays, a parts warehouse comprised of multi-million dollars’ worth of fire and commercial truck inventory, a lounge designed to make the customers feel like they are home, along with many other details that set Campbell Supply apart from its competitors.

Woody built the foundation of Campbell Supply over his years of dedicated service to the fire community. That dedication led to many relationships that helped Campbell Supply get to where it is today.

Chuck Yeoman (left bottom, right) joined the Campbell Supply team as a mechanic in 1982. Today, Yeoman is Campbell Supply’s Chief Operating Officer and is heavily involved in the company’s fire business. Through the 1980s Scott Campbell (left bottom, center) and Chuck worked very closely on the large FDNY business that Campbell was able to acquire. Eventually, as Scott would move up through the business, Chuck was right there with him.

During the end of 1992 Woody was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Woody passed away on June 17, 1993, at 79. Chuck praises him as someone who is well respected within the fire industry, knowledgeable on the apparatus, and loyal to the Seagrave brand.

This led Scott to take the helm of the business, which was a learning curve for him. With the help of Ted Jensen (top, right), one of Campbell Supply’s key people and longtime customer turned employee and advocate, Scott was able to get the Company flowing smoothly.

Nearing the end of the 90s Campbell Supply decided to seek a different product line which led to the introduction of American LaFrance, owned by Daimler. The parent company was also seeking a dealership for their commercial truck brand, Freightliner. In 1998 Campbell Supply was officially both an American LaFrance fire truck and Freightliner commercial truck dealership.

As the years passed American LaFrance was sold and eventually went bankrupt, Campbell went on and became a Spartan Emergency Vehicle dealer. Today Campbell Supply enjoys a leadership position in both emergency vehicle and commercial vehicle sales in the Northeast with locations in South Brunswick, Newark and Sussex, New Jersey; and Montgomery, New York.

– Fire News photos courtesy of Campbell Supply


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